Cleaning & Maintenance Laptop Service

Cleaning & Maintenance Laptop Service

This is an important step in order to maintain the normal operation and endurance of your laptop


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Cleaning & maintenance process


Why should we clean & maintenance our laptop?


Hot & humid climate: Remember that your laptop should be keeping in a dry and cool place to ensure the performance and the endurance. But with the condition in Vietnam, where the main climate characterised by hot and humid summers and dried cold winter, your laptop should be applied thermal paste or even dry often


So many dust in the air could be a reason: After a while, dust can go though the laptop cover and stay in the components. In the dust, there are different electric charge, when they are together it could cause a short circuit. Dusts degrade the fan's operation, the heat could not be blowed out completely and that could lead to damaging



vệ sinh bảo dưỡng laptop

Dusty cooling fan



vệ sinh bảo dưỡng laptop

Laptop has not been cleaned for a long time



vệ sinh bảo dưỡng laptop

 Dusts on cooling fan


When should you clean & maintenance your laptop?


- From 3- 6 months if your Laptop is running slow or stop working sometimes

- The fan becomes noisy when you’re using laptop

- Your laptop is overheating

- Laptop stops working or shutdown suddenly while playing games


Without cleaning & maintenance, how much damage your laptop could have?


-  Laptop overheating cause the decreasing battery lifetime

- When the fan is dusty, it leads to malfunctioning and this could damage CPU, VGA  

- Damage HDD cause your laptop have been shutdown and restart many times 


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khách hàng đến vệ sinh, bảo dưỡng sửa chữa laptop



khách hàng đến vệ sinh bảo dưỡng, sửa chữa laptop

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